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To track your order you must enter BOTH your order number and the email address associated with your order.


Our customer service department runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They update projects on a continuous basis to ensure real-time information. The status you receive in the tracker is accurate.

We start tracking delivery time when we receive your physical samples in the studio, as opposed to when the order was made; this is because we can’t begin actual work until the samples have been received. From that date, it takes about 7-9 business days for us to deliver your drafts.

Of course! At Virtuous Graphics, we like to under promise and over deliver. If your project is completed early, you’ll be the first to learn about it!

Yes. We can finish your order in 4 days upon receipt of your samples for an additional 50% of your fee. If for instance you paid US$1,000 for your order, we can rush it for a total order cost of US$1,500.

Where to ship:

Paul Escamis
40-B A. Mabini Street, Upper Plaza
West Rembo, Makati City
Philippines 1215

Contact #: +639058927446 or +639352580425

NOTE: We encourage our clients to have their Chinese suppliers send a sample from their location to our studio in the Philippines. We also suggest using DHL, since we’ve experienced some inconvenience with UPS and FedEx in the past. Do ship the item as a gift/sample to avoid or reduce taxes.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING SAMPLES BEFORE PAYMENT IS MADE: Virtuous Graphics only accepts physical product samples from clients who have paid for their order in full. We employ a detailed tracking system, which matches each received sample to an existing Order ID. We will not be held liable for any product samples that cannot be linked to a client order.

Shipping from your Chinese suppliers to our photo studio takes around 5 business days.
Shipping from the United States to our photo studio takes around 7 business days.

Order tracking is available only for projects in which payment has been received. Once full payment has been made, you will receive an email with your Order ID. To track the status of your order, simply input your Order ID and the email address associated with your order.