Our Process


4-step process diagram and each with corresponding photo logo inside an orange circle with the descrptions that says "Step 1 Order Is placed, Step 2 Samples Are Shipped, Step 3 Content Is Created, and Step 4 Final Output Is Delivered" and with the standard turnaround time of 7-9 business days and that is applied on Virtuous Graphics Process.

Virtuous Graphics is a Florida based LLC with operations located in Manila, Philippines. When creating Virtuous Graphics, the Philippines was chosen intentionally for its proximal location to the China-based suppliers of many Amazon sellers.

Having Virtuous Graphics operate from the Philippines also gives other large benefits to our clients included access to a wide range of locations, models and props that can be utilized in lifestyle photography shoots at a greatly reduced price when compared to western studios.

If your product is already live on Amazon, the fastest and cheapest way to ship your product to us is actually to order it from Amazon.com. Because Amazon deals in extremely large shipping quantities, packages arrive faster and at better rates than most private carriers. After your order is complete, our customer support team will follow up with detailed instructions for how to ship your samples to our studio.

If your product is still in production, we can give you detailed instructions on how your supplier can ship your samples to our studio. Our strategic location in the Philippines is convenient to many customers because the manufacturing hubs are based in China.

Standard shipping from China typically takes about 5 days while shipping from North America typically takes about 7 days.

Due to our strategic location in Manila, Philippines, samples sent from manufacturers in China typically takes about 5 days. Products beings sent from North American typically take around 7 days to arrive at our studio.

Throughout the entire shipping process, our dedicated project managers will keep you up to date every step of the way with tracking .

Shipping costs vary based on the product’s dimensions and weight. Most Virtuous Graphics orders incur a shipping cost of under $40 USD. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team during your order process to get an exact shipping quote. Please be prepared to provide your product’s dimensions and weight.

Keep in mind that a $40 USD shipping credit is applied to all top tier photography packages “Let’s Crush The Competition”.

If you already have high resolution images for your product, there is a good chance that you do not need to ship your samples for most graphic design orders.

We can revise your artwork up to three times for free–but after that, we start to charge. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible on the creative brief so errors throughout the production process are avoided. Also, throughout the process, we like to stay in touch, so we can get regular feedback. The more you communicate with us, the better we understand your expectations, thereby limiting the amount of revisions you’d need.

Due to our extensive research and client intake process, we avoid the need for most revisions. It is extremely rare that we exceed three revisions.

The use of models to show off a product, otherwise known as lifestyle photography, helps to educate your consumers about the product’s size and scale, and how the product would fit into their lives.

Virtuous Graphics has wide connections in the advertising industry, meaning we can source for virtually any type of model. Whether your product requires a mature model, a muscular male model, an Asian model, an infant or toddler, or even animals, we can help you out. If you have needs that are out of the ordinary, let our team know.

Once your order placed, a customer support representative will provide you with our current model portfolio and accompanying rates.

At Virtuous Graphics we work with a wide range of sellers. Some sellers are incredibly hands on during the creative process of their order and dictate nearly every aspect of what they would like to see in their final deliverables. Other sellers are flexible and trust our creative vision when creating their project. We are happy to work with either type of seller, and seller types that fall in between. Just let us know what you are looking for and we are happy to make it happen!