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Simply click "Order Online" and follow our checkout process. Select the number of photos you would like to purchase and if you require any of our add on services


We don’t photograph Clothing, Jewelry or Adult Toys.


White background the at the very top is a text "Get a "leg up" on the competition". Below is "The quality of your Amazon product images is the deciding factor in a consumer's mind when making a purchase. In a marketplace with dozens or even hundreds of merchants selling similar products, you have seconds to make a conversion. An improvement in image quality or context results in increased sales." then there's two blue boxes at the bottom. The first box on the lower left has a text inside "CHECK PRICING" and on the second box on the right has also a text inside "ORDER ONLINE" then there's a red arrow pointing the second box which was taken by Virtuous Graphics professiosnal photographer.


Provide Us Direction On Desired Photo Angles

Yes we are amazing commercial photographer with many years of experience, but we are not 'mind readers' of what photo angles the customer is seeking. 


We Recommend You Either:
A) Take some basic photos with your smartphone at the angles you desire and kindly email us them at
B) Send us a link to a competitor selling a similar product who has photographed similar angles to what you desire.

If we don't receive any of the above within 24 hrs of your purchase we'll just assume you wish us to use our own professional judgment and are willing to accept the photo angles that we pick.

A cellphone which held by a hand while taking a picture of a product. An orange arrow leading to a gray fill out form box "Click to choose file" then beside it is a blue clickable box "Upload". There the client will send the picture in order for the Virtuous Graphic professional photographer to assess what the client want.


Ship Us Your Product

After purchase has been made and you have kindly instructed us of your desired photo angles, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to prepare your item for shipment and where to mail the item(s). 

Note: As a friendly reminder shipping expenses, duties, and taxes are covered on your end. 


Half part of the body with a maroon long sleeve which is the stomach and 2 hands holding a tape while wrapping a box on top of a table which then he will send it to Virtuous Graphics to be handled by a professional photographer.


We Photograph Your Items in Our Studio

Our Amazon product photographers will photograph your product in high resolution with a pure white background following your photo instructions. 

Note: Standard turnaround is 12 business days from the time we receive your product, if you require faster service we offer 5 day rush at a nominal extra cost.


A black and white image which has a camera on a tripod while a male professional photographer is looking at the back of the camera touching with his left hand.


We Provide a Link to to View/Download Photos

After the amazon product photos are ready, we will send you a link for you to review the deliverables, you will then have 48 hrs to approve/request a revision. 

What Happens to The Product After? 

We will by default safely dispose of your item(s) after you have approved the deliverables. Should your product be expensive and you prefer to get it shipped back to you, you’ll need to email us within 24 hours of purchase and we’ll quote you on the return shipping prices according to weight and shipping destination.  If you don't email us within 24 hrs of purchase we'll by default safely dispose of the product.

White bacakground of 3 pieces green baking spatula at the left corner and 15 smaller pieces of green baking spatula at the right side which was taken by Virtuous Graphics professional photographer.