Our Team

Anthony C.

Director of Operations

This Amazon.com alumnus makes sure that client delivery timelines are met, and SOPs are developed to ensure strict quality control for all our client deliverables. He’s handled accounting and finance for Verizon and ThePointsGuy.com. He’s also the friendliest guy you’ll meet (in all 35 countries he’s visited)!

Erick R.


After eleven years of e-commerce experience, Erick set up Virtuous Graphics out of a need to provide Amazon-centric services with a focus on conversion optimization. You’ll find this Google alumnus speaking at Amazon conferences. He’ll be one of the youngest thought leaders there – he started selling on eBay at 13 years old!

David A.

Director of Technology

This self-taught computer hardware and networking guru skipped on over to Virtuous Graphics from IBM’s AI consulting division. He’s responsible for our website and implementing technology to increase worker productivity and enhance customer experience. David taught penguins underwater acrobatics.


Creative Director



Creative director

Our in-house funny man joined us from Upwork’s Top-Rated program as a rockstar EBC graphics designer – precisely where Erick found him! Raymond is in charge of motivating and giving creative direction to our team of graphic designers, to exceed client expectations all day every day.


Creative Director

Patrick and his team produce the unforgettable video footage that informs and engages your Amazon customer. He’s got seven solid years of video direction under his belt. Patrick may be a self-confessed chubby guy but believe us – he can do a flip that would make Bruce Lee proud!



Ranzel handles the end-to-end management of client projects from photography and video to design and copywriting. Ranzel is a Virtuous Graphics pioneer! Her name is a shortened version of ‘Rapunzel,’ which although lovely as names go would have given kindergarten-level Ranzel trouble in spelling.


creative director

This prolific writer’s first language is English, but German, French, and Filipino follow close behind! She makes sure that the written output of Virtuous Graphics is elegant, informative, and relevant. Ana jumped on over from a career in public relations and media; she used to be the newscaster on a primetime radio show!



Paula also handles the end-to-end management of client projects from photography and video to design and copywriting. Paula’s project management experience with the creative world has definitely come in handy! She is also “PUN’d” of making puns, so stay alert around this funny girl!