$ 450
  • Grab the attention of any social media audience with this minimalist but effective video shot in square aspect.


$ 900
  • Perfect for your Amazon listing, this video highlights a product’s key selling points by using creative shots and graphic text.


$ 1295
  • We utilize cinematic shooting concepts and storyboarding to communicate your brand’s unique message to customers.

Model charge: $95-$200 USD 
Models are not included with any package. If your shoot requires a specific model please let our team know during the design process. Virtuous Graphics has an extensive network of models, including dogs and babies. If you have a specific vision, shoot us a message today.

The basic video is shot in square aspect with static text located above and below the video. These minimalist videos get straight to the point and perform well on social channels like Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of the basic video is to grab the attention of a potential customer while communicating how the product may be of use in their life.

The intermediate video is a full frame high definition video that uses creative shots and and graphic animation text callouts to highlight the unique selling points and features of your product. The intermediate video designed specifically to increase sales on your Amazon listing.

In the advanced video we go all in to give your potential customers a cinematic experience that will tell the story of your product while carefully explain its role in their lives. Here we use multiple cameramen, professional voice overs, actors, unique locations, expert graphic animation, advanced storyboarding and scripting to create a dynamic and engaging product commercial. This video can be used in a wide variety of applications including Amazon and YouTube.

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