Get a "leg up" on the Competition

The quality of the images of your Amazon products are the deciding factor in a consumer’s mind when making a purchase. In a marketplace with dozens or even hundreds of merchants selling similar products, you have seconds to make a conversion. An improvement on photo products or context results in increased sales.

A product photography of a black grid it container containing a charger and some cords in white background captured by Virtuous Graphics professional photographer.
A headset and 3 pieces of green baking spatula in a white background that has been captured by Virtuous Graphics professional photographer.


Good Photos = More Sales

When you invest your resources on Amazon eCommerce photography, this can result in massive returns on your investment and an increase in your eCommerce business. With our expertise in commercial photography and advertising, we can create striking images that will captivate your audience's eyes and boost your conversion rate. We make it a point that our product photo is professional and compliant to Amazon's standards.


Why Virtuous Graphics?

Traditionally speaking, commercial product photography has been very expensive. It is not uncommon to be charged $60 per photo, and when obtaining the desired 9 images for your amazon product listing that could easily result in $540 expense!

However at our company we are a team of American project managers of experienced product photographer in Asia, and as a result we can keep costs low; as well as expedite the speed of photo delivery, since most of our clients choose to have their factory supplier (often times based in China) ship us the product which cuts down the lead time since we’re based in Asia versus the USA. 

A vector map of the world in flat style with a big and small orange locator. The big locator is placed at China then the other one is placed at the Philippines where Virtuous Graphics studio and professional photographer is located.